You  have heard it before that domain names are good investments. They indeed are, now given that many more individuals are now working from home because of the pandemic. There are still good domains around for your new home business or invest for a young family member to hold on to

 There are not too many.COM domains available today. It is also a commonly held belief that the shorter the name, the better. Investing in any domain name is a totally good choice  investment especially at this time of working from home. 

This From Business Insider:  Click Here To See Why Owning A Domain Name Makes Good Business Sense


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Domain Name:
Best and suggested.
Research. Medicals, Creations,Health inventions.




Domain name:
Best and suggested.
Auto, Health, travel Business, Commercial, Tenant renters company etc

Domain Name :





Domain Name:
Best and suggested.
Environmental, Design, Research, Health Foods, Lawns, Summer, Gardening





Domain Name:
Best and suggested.
Health, Healthy Eating, Diets,Food Creation




Domain Name:
Best and suggested.
Hotel, Beach Wear, Shoes,Travel, Restaurants, Specialty Foods,Brands,Fashions

The absolute joys of searching and finding the domain name you specifically wanted.

In April of 1999 around 2:AM since I could not sleep and with a brand new computer, I had t2o learn the system so I did a search for the domain name I had in mind. My wife, thought I was raiding the fridge but my mind was on a domain name. But a cold beer did follow with my proof in hand in ten minutes.  Since owning the name, I have been made offers several times some say that because of it being a catchy sounding name and since it was my first registered domain, it has become sentimental




Why it's a good and smart thing to get a domain name.

I found my piece of the pie and as a matter of fact, I found three pieces. A Domain name is needed on the Internet and is your 'piece of the internet www pie". Any individual, business or organization planning to have an Internet presence should invest in a domain name. Having your own domain name,website and contact  address give you and your business a more business look.

Reach Out To Domain Agents

Domain Agents 

Is a domain name negotiation platform and marketplace. We provide domain name buyers and sellers neutral start to finish support, while adding security and structure to negotiations. DomainAgents takes the complication out of domain acquisitions.

Domain Agents: based in Canada and is one of a kind that proves that Domain names are good investments. Buying or Selling a domain name doesn't need to be complicated. They assist  thousands of clients who trust them to assist in their negotiations.

They provide all the help needed to but and sell your domain name. Negotiating with the owner reaching and agreement and last but not least , the transefering of the domain.


Sometimes it can be a lot of second guessing after an owner sells his or her domain name and if it was a good decision they made to sell.


Times have changed and it has really in the past two years when buying domains are the perfect fit when individuals working from hom get the ownership bug to buy there own to start there own business.


Worth repeating whether you are in the United States or canada there is a domain name for that country so check with yiur countrr's domain internet registry





When you are seeking any domain name bear in mind that there are many representing different countries and organizations and come in many forms and the digital marketing agency lays out why the advantages of having a.CA domain. Again there are many domains available is still the most sought after. But any domain these days of "stay at home" rules in effect,home businesses do pay dividends long and short term. Please read the below article from the Canadian Registry Authority.

 Canadian Registry Authority.

                                                                      CIRAain names are good investments and because of the pandemic, many people wit intersting home business ideas are finding good names still. The fun part of searching for a dmin name, is when you find that the dmain

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