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You have heard it before that domain names are good investments and because of the pandemic, many people with interesting home business ideas are finding good names still. The fun part of searching for a domain name, is when you find that the domain you researched is available.

 There are not too many.COM domains available today. It is also a commonly held belief that the shorter the name, the better. But investing in any domain name is a good investment especially at this time of working from home. 

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About Kcom.ca

Kindreds: Individuals who have common interest like investing and selling domain names and KCom's interest is also in music be it writing the lyrics, or composing the music, and recordings, including vocals songwriting or recording.Since music and food do go together which ever comes first, why not put it all on one page? We grew tired of having ten page web sites and wanted to be creative. Because of this pandemic, many individuals are working from home yours truly included. As a result, owning your own domain makes good business sense.

Whether you register any domain and they are diferent domains representing various countries and organizations from A-B. But Digital marketing agency lays out the the SEO advantages of having a .CA domain. Again, there are so many different advantages and more in owning or registering a domain. In other words, it pays dividends and is good business sense short and long term.

Please read the below for a very interesting article from the Canadian Registry Authority. 

Read about it here at  CIRA

Since the pandemic, we at Kcom.ca, have been sharing many interesting ideas with many people given the time being spent at home and working from home. That is when domain names figured large for new home and other new business ideas and conversations. But food interest also came into focus depending on how far away your lap top had been from the kitchen LOL. So we have decided to add a few links on food since I personally have never baked so many cookies of the raisins bran kind and experimented with so many different mouth watering dishes of the international kind and it has relieved a lot of stress because of having been confined to the home. Getting the right ingredients were can s challenge but lots of fun preparing and then enjoying with a glass of wine or beer. Nothing beats going to a restaurant with friends and family as it was before the Covid-19 outbreak, but it will get better so as the sun shall rise.

Recipes from the Islands of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados Bequia, Bermuda, Bonaire and more. Caribbean Recipe Plus

 Fine foods and more at Sam's Caribbean Foods.

See Foods Of The World

Below you will see some suggestions for domains listed here



 Recommended for medical research research especially in these days





This  site is active but the domain is for sale with a good offer. Recommended for a hotel chain or clothing brand






Recommended for medical, dental health, auto, home, LTC health or life







This is recommended for a hotel chain, or a clothing name brand.






Recommended for a environmental chain or health chain or for a lawn care brand.





This is recommended for vegetable or related chain of health and diet stores

We are songwriters also and new ideas driven constantly.


Everything will be all right in 2021. This very popular reggae festival was cancelled until 2021 because of the Covid-19 but don't you worry, every little thing will be all right.



Reggae Sunfest in Jamaica

Another Sweet Sunday


My Old Tamarind Tree


On Spotify

Make this your year for music streaming success.

Listen to your favorite albums in studio quality. Try Qobuz now with a 1 month free trial.





Thought you have seen it all in Caribbean food out side of the Caribbean ? Visit the website of Sam's Caribbean Foods in New York.

You would think you are in the Caribbean at Sam's Fine Foods.

Sam's Caribbean




I have tried many in the past year and from my own kitchen. An extensive list of national dishes from around the world which form an important part of the culinary identity of the country they belong to.


Foods Of The World




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